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Henderson pet boutique selling Golden Knights pet apparel after dog diagnosed with cancer

Posted at 6:56 PM, Jun 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-07 14:55:43-04

A local couple found a way to make something great out of something so bad. A death sentence on their Golden Retriever led them to start a business.

Larry and Donna Millwood's Golden Retriever, Harley, was diagnosed with cancer when he was just six-years-old. The doctor said he wouldn't live longer than six months.

"All I prayed for was one more glorious summer because Harley enjoys swimming in the pool," said Donna Millwood.

The Millwoods took the cancer diagnosis very seriously and did everything they could to save Harley, but it was expensive.

"When he was first diagnosed, of course, it came with a big financial sacrifice," said Millwood.

Millwood found a way to offset the cost by making bows and bandanas for dogs and cats. She made them whatever design people requested including all different sports teams.

Her side project turned into a real business.

A few years later, the Millwoods turned the side business into a pet boutique in Henderson called Wags 'n Whiskers.

"This kind of fell in to place and we owe it pretty much all to Harley," said Larry Millwood.

Six years later, Harley is still alive. He is 12 years old now. 

"Every time I would leave the vet, he would tell me, enjoy your miracle," said Millwood.

Harley frequents the boutique often.

And the best part is, the boutique now sells Vegas Golden Knights pet apparel!

"We have stuff in our window too so people walk by and I see them do a double take and it's fun and exciting and it just gets everybody all geared up for the game," said Millwood.

Millwood says they can hardly keep up with the demand! Everyone wants a dog Golden Knights jersey or a collar or one of the other items they carry. They are always restocking. They just got in Golden Knights pet beds too!

"We 100% support our Knights!"