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Henderson middle school implements virtual reality into learning

Posted at 10:29 PM, May 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-23 06:27:40-04

The time has already come where some schools are saying "goodbye" to text books and Burkholder Middle School is one of them!

Digital learning is the route they are taking.

In Melissa Wilkinson's class, everything is done through technology.

"Text books are out the window! Now it's all digital and students are engaged because they are one to one," said Melissa Wilkinson.

In Miss Wilkinson's class, they are using a platform called Nearpod so that students can implement virtual reality into their learning.

"We went to Brazil and we looked at these art walls and they were really cool and then we went to France and looked at this big mural on the side of a coffee shop," said student Zoe Kelso.

What Zoe means when she says she went to those countries is she took virtual field trips through her virtual reality glasses.

"The VR glasses are basically a tool that helps us learn," said Kelso.

"It makes it seem like it's real as if it is right there like you can touch it but it's not," said another student Katrina Draeger.

The students tell 13 Action News they love going on virtual reality field trips because it makes learning way more fun.

They even got to take a virtual field trip to see how a printing press works instead of just reading about it in a book.

"So not they are able to say, how am I going to do that in my project? How can I bring my animation to life?" said Miss Wilkinson.

"It's like you're going into another world," said Ida Laursen.

Burkholder Middle School is one of the only schools in the area implementing this much technology into their learning but it won't be long until more schools join the fun.