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Coyote kills Henderson man's dog in backyard

Posted at 11:52 PM, Jul 11, 2017

A Henderson family is sounding the alarm, warning neighbors that coyotes will go a long way in search of a meal. This after losing one of their beloved dogs in a coyote attack in an area they thought safe from the animals.

"I saw the coyote's bloody footprints,” John Daly said as he described the scene in his backyard.

Daly said he was awakened by his son's scream.

This after he found one of the family's Italian Greyhounds ripped apart in the backyard.

Daly said his son had to chase the coyote off before checking on their dog, Roxy.

"My wife was holding her. I wouldn't let my wife come outside,” Daly said.

The veteran said the scene was hard to look at, but what is even tougher to comprehend is why the coyote chose to hunt is his backyard. The Henderson home sits about a mile away from the nearest open desert.

"Look around we are not on the edge of the neighborhood,” Daly said.

Experts say coyotes can travel up to 100 miles in a single night, often attracted by the same amenities that draw people. While it is not the natural habitat, the Nevada Department of Wildlife says coyotes are very adaptable and are known to live in urban areas.

Daly said he realizes the coyotes called the desert home before he did, but says it is tough to rationalize while dealing with the loss.

"Your opinion changes when they take one of your own,” Daly said.

Daly isn't taking any chances going forward. He says the two surviving dogs will not be allowed outside alone at night any longer.

He is also looking at adding coyote rollers to his fence if he can get approval from his Homeowners' Association.