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Henderson man attacked in family's garage, two arrested

Posted at 11:57 PM, Apr 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-27 12:35:03-04

A family is on edge after a terrifying crime in their garage near Wigwam and Pecos early Thursday morning.

Henderson police say two people have been arrested.  

21-year-old Josue Arsenio Escamilla is charged with Attempted Robbery With A Deadly Weapon, Kidnapping, and Battery With A Deadly Weapon.

Police say the other subject is a juvenile and no information can be released.

The attack happened in a gated community shortly after midnight.

13 Action News spoke with the victim's sister.  Concerned for safety, the woman did not want to be identified.

The victim stated that her brother was followed into the garage.  The suspects, who were allegedly armed with a knife and a gun, punched him in the face.

She says they stole his wallet and cell phone.

Police quickly arrived on scene.  

Witnesses said there was gunfire.  

"Woke up to gunshots," said Tamar Carbaugh, "I'm like was that gunshots? That can't be, not here."

13 Action News Crime and Safety Expert Retired Metro Lt. Randy Sutton says residents often have a false sense of security in gated communities.

"You have to be aware of who is behind you," he said.

Police say all the suspects are caught.