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Henderson dispensaries expect sales to triple from recreational pot

Posted at 9:36 AM, Oct 20, 2017

Recreational marijuana will go on sale in Henderson for the first time Friday.

The Source is one of a few Henderson shops now able to sell recreational weed. The city of Henderson made the decision earlier this week. A few dispensaries got the necessary permits.

For The Source, adding recreational sales could finally make the business profitable, according to the owner. While the owner didn't expect lines out the door Friday, for years they've turned away dozens of customers per day who were looking for weed without a medical card.

"The medical program was much slower than we all anticipated and so to finally have this breakthrough is a great thing for us," said Andrew Jolley, the CEO of The Source dispensaries.

The Source has been making changes to get ready for Friday. The Source has doubled its staff and bought a lot more inventory, anticipating a lot of people Friday.

"To be able to offer health insurance, to hire the appropriate amount of staff, to be able to purchase more inventory and be able to pay all the bills without capital calls is a great thing for a business owner," said Jolley.

Jolley expects sales will soon triple.