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VEGAS CARES: Henderson community helps Idaho man find dog missing after crash

Posted at 11:34 PM, Mar 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-24 12:41:51-04

A miraculous reunion between a man and his dog came after he went through a series of unfortunate events.

It's all because a Henderson community decided to take him in like he was family.

Jammer Haggard was passing through the Las Vegas valley Monday on his way home to Idaho when his car was T-boned in Henderson.

"It spun me around three times," Haggard said. "My dog got ejected out of the window. He was gone before I even stopped spinning."

Achilles is Haggard's 7-year-old pitbull who helps him relieve stress and anxiety.

Haggard's fiance, Michaela Murrieta, was also in the car and is recovering from a broken collarbone.

As for Achilles, all Haggard knew after the crash was the dog had run onto a nearby golf course.

"Not being able to find my dog, I've never had that happen ever," Haggard said. "Never had him run off, he's usually always by me."

Neighbors posted on a community app that Achilles was missing, and everyone stepped up.

Susan Byrd found Haggard searching and decided to help.

"We drove around and drove around," she said. "He whistled his special whistle. Nothing."

Haggard was loaned a golf cart to help in his search.

Dozens of neighbors gave a helping hand. Finally, they found Achilles on the sixth hole Thursday morning.

In addition to the dog's calming abilities on Haggard, Haggard said Achilles is one of his last connections to his mother.

He said his mother gave him the dog when he was a teenager, and she died two years later.

"This young man's heart is in the right place," Byrd said. "And I met more people in [our community] Tuscany than I have in a year and a half so every cloud has a silver lining."

Haggard plans to go back to Idaho this weekend. The golf club owner is paying for his plane ticket.