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Heavy traffic, delays on Las Vegas Strip as repaving for Formula 1 race continues

Repaving for Formula 1
Posted at 7:46 PM, Apr 10, 2023

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The Formula 1 Las Vegas race may be more than seven months away, but preparations are becoming more visible.

There is a road closure in front of Treasure Island Hotel & Casino that is causing detours and heavy traffic. Crews have started tearing the Boulevard to repave it for the race.

People visit the Las Vegas Strip to be entertained, but visitors saw one of the most well known streets being torn up.

"They are digging it all up, it's crazy," said Richard Stroovant from Calgary, Canada.

"[I] was wondering what was happening," said Anthony Vadall from Tucson. "A water break or what?"

The southbound lanes from Spring Mountain Road between Treasure Island and The Mirage are closed.

Crews are repaving the section for the 3.8 mile racetrack for the November F1 Grand Prix race. They will be using a unique material suitable for the cars that will be racing hundreds of miles per hour.

"A lot of work will be happening for a race that will be 4 or 5 hours," Stroovant said.

Because of the closure, some visitors are getting out of cars and walking.

"This is horrible," said one taxi driver to KTNV.

The driver was not thrilled about the delays, he said it took 40 minutes to get from Resorts World to Treasure Island.

"I lose money," he said. "I spent my time waiting over here in traffic."

The repaving on the Strip will last through May 19. It will then continue along the track route. The final repaving will take place through September. While the repaving is underway for the race in front of Treasure Island, about a mile away from there, construction is continuing for the F1 Paddock Facility.

A paddock facility is where race cars will be stored or assembled during the race. For months, F1 has been working on this building. When complete, it will be 4 stories and 300,000 square feet. This Thursday is said to be the topping off ceremony for the structure.

"This is an event that is not going to be in Canada," Stroovant said. He says that the race will be unique in Las Vegas. "I think it is cool, another opportunity for Vegas to have a sport that hasn't been here yet."

Until race weekend arrives November 16 through the 18th, visitors and locals will have to keep in mind the closures in the area.

Also, Spiegelworld has a F1 inspired production in the works. A spokesperson told KTNV it's, "loosely F1 themed, featuring comedy and acrobatics."

On Monday, organizers were working on the show in their newly-obtained property in Nipton. It's set to happen during race week as a late night offering.

Exact dates have yet to be released.