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Heat has Las Vegas residents pushing workouts back

Posted at 11:21 PM, Jun 22, 2018

After being beaten down by the sun at work during the day, many are waiting until after sunset to get in their daily errands and exercise.

"When the sun goes down it is still hot, but your body takes it in a little different," a man said after finishing his evening run.

13 Action News Crime and Safety Expert, retired police Lt. Randy Sutton says that is a great idea during the summer, but people need to be aware of the dangers of spending more time outside at night.

He suggests having a plan ready in case you see a criminal.

"Be out there where should you need to run up to a house and ask for help the opportunity exists," Sutton said.

He also warned of drivers who may not see those pounding the pavement to stay fit.

"During twilight times when the sun comes down, know there are blind spots," Sutton said.

Those working to beat the best say they find it best to stick with a friend.