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Gun shop owners hope Black Friday gun deals will boost slumping sales

Posted at 6:18 PM, Nov 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-24 21:18:52-05

The biggest shopping day of the year is also one of the biggest day for gun stores.

Gun shops are offering Black Friday deals to boost slumping sales.
This morning inside discount firearms and ammo, dozens lined up for the black Friday deals.

"By the time we open the door it was probably close to 60 to 70 people." general manager, Anthony Scott, says the store opened at around 9 and by 10 o clock their Black Friday gun deals were all sold out.

It's a much needed boost . Since president trump's election sales have fallen flat.

Also impacting the business the 1 October mass shooting.

"Some people feel they need to arm themselves now because of that. I've actually had people come in and turn their guns in and sell them to us because they don't want to have guns in their house anymore," says Scott.

Following recent deadly mass shootings, some say Black Friday ammunition sales are not a good deal. Not everyone thinks the timing is appropriate, while some think otherwise.

Leroy Payton says, "It's indeed sad. Coming off this tragedy here. Why do you want a gun?"

Meanwhile, Laura Canup says, "I think every store has a right to decide if they want a sale or not and there's absolutely nothing wrong with having a Black Friday sale for weapons."

And there are those who see both sides.

"I think there is a strong correlation between gun ownership and massacres, shooting that happens in our society." Sahaj Patel says,"At the same time it's like any other business right. Black Friday I'm sure any other strip business had a sale as well."