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Arrest made in slaughtering of ducks

Posted at 11:20 PM, Nov 09, 2015
and last updated 2016-02-19 03:34:15-05
UPDATE: A juvenile has been arrested in this case. The person who turned the suspect in will receive a $5,000 reward.
WARNING: If you watch the video, there are some graphic images of the dead birds.
Ducks and swans are being slaughtered in a nice Las Vegas community. Neighbors are up in arms over the recent bird attacks. Now they want answers and more security so the massacre will stop.
People who live in Desert Shores say the swans and ducks are like family. They're going as far as calling these recent killings a massacre.
"I'll always have that vision. I don't think I'll ever lose that. It was horrible!" said Angela Holland.
Holland was out on her morning walk Sunday when she came across the dead swans.
"I looked down into the nest and the eggs are crushed. It looked like bricks in there and I just, I got so upset."
A female swan was dead floating in the lake. A male swan had his head smashed in and was laying dead in the road. She says two baby swans were mutilated.
"It was a massacre," said Holland.
This isn't the first bird attack in Desert Shores either. Just a week and a half prior, six ducks were decapitated.
"Clean cut beheaded!"
Residents of the private community are up in arms over the killings.
"They're our family! They're our extended family. We love them. We're always checking on them. People stop to check on the mom with the eggs all the time!"
One attack after the other, the ducks and swans are being killed.
"They're innocent beautiful creatures and they don't deserve this,"said Valorie Tobler.
So many questions but the answers unknown. Who did this? And why?
"I'm afraid it's just a matter of time and the other ones are gonna be killed as well."
Graffiti on the Desert Shores signs suggests it could be gang related. Another theory suggested by authorities is that a dog could be responsible. But Angela's just not buying it.
"How could a dog break a swan's neck?!"
The residents of Desert Shores want the person or persons responsible to be held accountable. They also want more security, lights around the lake, and cameras to be put in to prevent any future attacks.
The game warden for the Nevada Department of Wildlife is beginning an investigation into the recent duck and swan killings. Desert Shores HOA posted a newsflash about the attacks on their website. They're asking anyone who may have seen suspicious activity to come forward.