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Local grandmother hits son's alleged killer

Posted at 9:41 PM, Nov 12, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-13 00:41:32-05
She's only 5'2" and has multiple sclerosis, but a valley grandmother is facing charges after punching the man accused of killing her son after his court case was pushed back for a third time.
"Nothing's gonna bring my son back, but he would want us to go on with our lives and we can't," said Lindona Thompson.
Kadar Brown, 38, was hit and killed while changing a tire on U.S. 95 nearly two years ago, and his mother, Thompson, has been waiting for justice this whole time. Now, she says, because of the scheduling problems with the defense, the trial for Gary Adair Jr. has been pushed back yet again.
"The whole family is affected by it. There's no healing and I can't go anywhere without tissues. Family members keep taking time off of work to come to the trial and then it keeps getting canceled," Thompson said.
When Thompson heard the trial for her son's alleged killer was being postponed for a third time, that was hard enough to handle. Then she saw Adair outside the ladies restroom at the courthouse. "I just lost it and started hitting him," she said.
Adair is facing multiple charges for the crash on St. Patrick's Day of 2014. He admitted to police that he used heroin and several prescription drugs the day of the crash but is now fighting the DUI charge.
Thompson says it's Adair's expert defense witness whose scheduling problems are creating roadblocks for justice. After a year and a half without her son and without closure, seeing Adair face to face was too much. Now he's pressing charges against her for battery.
"You want to go public and tell everybody that you got your [expletive] whooped by a five-foot-two grandmother with MS? Ok, go ahead," Thompson said tearfully.
While she fights her own legal battle, Thompson is hoping the judge will see the strain on her family and expedite the process.
"It's not some accident that happened. He made a conscious choice to do these drugs and drunk and get behind the wheel of a deadly weapon. He needs to be punished for that. He doesn't need to be out spending the holidays with his family and friends for a second year," Thompson said.
Adair's trial date has been set for March 28, the second anniversary of Brown's memorial service.