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Gov. Steve Sisolak issues statement after conclusion of special session in Carson City

Posted at 7:04 AM, Aug 06, 2020

CARSON CITY (KTNV) — Today, Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak released the following statement after the Nevada Legislature adjourned the 32nd Special Session which addressed significant policy issues that could not wait until the regularly scheduled legislative session. This was the 32nd Special Session in Nevada’s history. As the final bills are transmitted to the Governor for signature, he intends to sign them into law.

"I want to thank the Nevada Legislature, the Legislative Counsel Bureau, state agencies, and all those who contributed to this Special Session, the second held this year. I applaud the hard work of everyone involved who acted swiftly to pass this much needed legislation protecting Nevadans.

Legislation passed during this special session included much needed criminal and social justice policy reform, safe and expanded opportunities for Nevadans to make their voice heard in November’s election, more flexibility to connect Nevadans to unemployment benefits, interventions to implement alternative dispute resolution measures for rental evictions and measures to ensure Nevada’s businesses are protected and the workforce remain safe.”

Gov. Sisolak called lawmakers into a special session on July 31, to address significant policy issues that could not wait until the regularly scheduled legislative session. This followed the 31st Special Legislative Session that ended on July 19 and specifically focused on addressing the historic shortfall in the State’s budget

Prior to the start of the special session, Gov. Sisolak called on Legislators to work collaboratively to address several of these issues, so that Nevadans could be afforded the relief and protections that they needed. The agenda set by the Governor focused the business that was considered by lawmakers to much needed immediate reforms, including:

  • Assembly Bill 1, which ratifies certain technical corrections made to NRS and Statutes of Nevada.
  • Assembly Bill 2, which revises and clarifies provisions relating to the Legislative Department of the State Government.
  • Assembly Bill 4, which revises provisions relating to elections.


Gov. Sisolak has signed three bills so far, is in receipt of four other bills from the Legislature and is awaiting Senate Bill 4, the final bill passed by lawmakers. Bills signed so far include:

In the coming days, the Governor plans to sign the additional bills, including:

  • Assembly Bill 3, which makes various changes to public safety
  • Senate Bill 1, which authorizes certain courts to grant a stay for certain evictions.
  • Senate Bill 2, which revises provisions related to peace officers
  • Senate Bill 3, which revises provisions relating to unemployment compensation.
  • Senate Bill 4, which revises provisions related to public health.