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Gov. Sisolak orders all nonessential businesses in the state to shut down

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Posted at 1:13 PM, Mar 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-21 12:35:49-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Gov. Steve Sisolak has announced a mandatory shutdown of most nonessential businesses in the state of Nevada.

Sisolak said during a press conference that he expects the novel coronavirus to get much worse before it gets better if the state doesn't do something to curb the spread of the virus throughout the state. He says that the health of the state's residents are more important than any economic concerns.

The governor says that he is now ordering all nonessential businesses to close. He is no longer asking; he is directing. The governor says this is not the time to try and find loopholes, and companies not considered essential must shut down.

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Sisolak said that businesses that do not shut down will be penalized and fined. The order that he is signing this afternoon will go into effect at midnight March 20.

He also said that he hoped and prayed that businesses and business leaders understand the magnitude of the situation and comply voluntarily.

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Sisolak strongly urged nonessential businesses to close down 3 days ago. However, many chose not to and the governor now feels that a more drastic action in needed.

Restaurants will still be allowed to deliver food and offer curbside pickup or drive-thru.

The closures will be in effect until April 16.

The number of positive cases in the state of Nevada as of March 20 is 109. Six counties are reporting they have residents that have tested positive. Two people have died.

There were 64 positive cases when Sisolak first urged nonessential businesses to close. That means there has been a 70% increase in positive cases in the last 3 days. Sisolak also talked about the shortages of test kits that prevent being able to get a true idea of how many people who are infected.