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Browser extension looks to combat cyberbullying

Posted at 10:10 PM, Mar 28, 2016

Reword is offering a new extension that will help combat cyberbullying.

Behind the hands that drive our digital age, young minds like Aaron, Sophie, Sierra and Alex know life online isn't always pretty.

For the kids at Aspen Academy, the only rule is to be kind. But these days, it's a tough rule for any kid navigating the halls of social media.

The Google Chrome extension, Reword, works like spell check for cyberbullies, striking red lines across potentially hateful speech and asking users to think twice about posting.

The Aspen Academy students gave Reword a shot and say it's a promising start.

Through the eyes of the young experts, Reword's true value may be in realizing kindness often takes more than just a digital reminder.

Reword was developed in Australia by Leo Burnett Melbourne in partnership with headspace and the National Youth Mental Health Foundation.

Developers are hoping to install the Chrome extension on school computers around the world.