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Golden Retriever giveaway for 1 October survivors

Posted at 11:21 PM, May 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-08 07:35:42-04

A local couple found a way to give back to their community after the 1 October shooting. They run North Creek Goldens and came up with a plan to give away two Golden Retriever puppies from their fall litter to two survivors suffering PTSD from the shooting.

"We kept thinking, well what can we do to help people who were directly affected...people who lost someone or were there trying to recover now, and the best thing I know is that you can recover with a dog," said Alexy Rollins. "A dog makes you feel better."

Rollins has always loved Golden Retrievers.

She got her first one from a backyard breeder that she found on Craig's List many years ago.

"Kona came with so many problems," she said. "He had a ton of medical issues and he had a little bit of aggression.

Kona's issues inspired Rollins to become a responsible Golden Retriever breeder.

"My goal and my vision was to start breeding and have puppies that would be affordable for families to have from someone that would breed healthy dogs from good lines," she said.

Rollins started North Creek Goldens two years ago. She does one litter per year.

The two recipients of her 1 October puppy giveaway will come from her Fall 2018 litter.

"The people that we select, they will always have that sense of comfort, but they will have a life time best friend too," said Rollins.

Rollins picked the first recipient before our news story and we were there for the surprise announcement when Cindy Nogales found out she would be getting a Golden Retriever.

"I want to be able to train a dog for when one of my panic attacks comes on so that he can lay next to me and calm me down," said Nogales.

Rollins has not decided on the other recipient. If you want to apply or you know someone you want to nominate,just fill out the form on the website.

"We just want to know their story," said Rollins. "They don't have to go into details. We don't want to probe and you know, violate them."

Rollins is certain her puppies will be able to provide the comfort and love the recipients will need.

"They are really gentle and they know, they sense that something is wrong," said Rollins. "They don't understand the situation, but they know something is wrong and they just want to be there with you. They are very comforting."