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Could inaccurate information have kept Girl Scouts' Camp Foxtail open?

Girl Scouts were told camp sat on protected land
Posted at 5:35 PM, Oct 13, 2017

UPDATE: New information surrounding the closure of Camp Foxtails has the Girl Scouts wondering if the camp could have stayed open.

Originally, the Girl Scouts say they were told by the U.S. Forest Service that the camp sat on protected habitat for the endangered Blue Butterfly. This led to the organization not being able to expand or renovate the camp for years.

But last week, the organization found out that was not the case.

"It did come as a little bit of a surprise to us," said Linda Bridges with the Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada.

Patrick Donnelly with the Center for Biological Diversity informed the Girl Scouts about the inaccurate information last week.

"At Camp Foxtail, the butterfly hasn't been detected there since the 1960's," Bridges said.

Donnelly also said the camp was never in the protected area to begin with. While he doesn't blame the Girl Scouts, he does hope the camp will continue to run.

Right now, the Girl Scouts plan to close to camp for at least the next two years. They are considering whether they will make more than a million dollars in rennovations or close the camp for good.

"Right now we're sort of in a holding place and we can't do any of that, we can't make the improvements we want to make," Bridges said.

The Girl Scouts will hold a closing ceremony tomorrow at Camp Foxtail.

ORIGINAL: The Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada are closing the doors to a popular summer camp attended by thousands of local girls.

Camp Foxtail has become a tradition of the Girl Scouts for nearly 40 years.

"There is an emotional tug to camp," said Linda Bridges with the Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada.

Bridges said organizers had their hands tied when it came to making the decision to close the camp, which sits on land protecting the endangered Mt. Charleston Blue Butterfly.

"What that means for us as a camp is that we can't expand and we can't grow," Bridges said.

According to organizers, since the camp is on protected land the U.S. Forest Service has placed strict regulations on the land hindering organizers from making much needed upgrades.

Right now, Camp Foxtail needs about $1.5 million in renovations, some which they say are crucial to the safety of the scouts.

"We even tried to add an awning to one of the buildings.," Bridges said. "And that was an issue."

The Girl Scouts will host a closing ceremony for the camp on November 4. As for the upcoming summer season, girls are being encouraged to attend a summer camp in California. The organization has set up to pay for any travel expenses.