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Gender pay gap conference held in Las Vegas

Posted at 5:24 PM, Mar 11, 2018

It was all about women helping women to bridge the gap in pay in Las Vegas and across the country. 

"The '21' Experience, A Gender Pay Gap Conference" took place Sunday inside the Oquendo Center.

The conference opened up discussions about pay differences for women across industries, races and age groups.

"So this is really a great opportunity to have a discussion about what we can do to close that gap," says Dolo Bazzle, organizer. 

Attendees heard from a  panel of community leaders, discussing their thoughts and giving tips to those on working for equal pay.

"No matter what area you decide to do, doesn't necessarily mean you need to run for office, but join organizations that are doing things to help outer women and help the community be a better community," says Erin Bilbray, attendee.