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Post office says lines finally under control

Posted at 7:08 PM, Nov 25, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-25 22:08:09-05
UPDATE: The location says that they have gotten this situation under control, and wait times are back to normal.
We have an update on a story you asked us to investigate last month.
The post office on North Tenaya near Smoke Ranch is still having problems getting people in and out quickly. Some customers Tuesday waited more than two hours for registered or held mail. One man waited nearly three and a half hours to pick up three small packages.
"It's ridiculous," Linda Plackowski said. "Their customer service system sucks."
Plackowski waited an hour Monday before having to leave for an appointment. She spent two hours in line Tuesday.
Managers at the Red Rock Vista post office wouldn't tell us why there was such a long wait or what they're doing about it. A supervisor referred us to the USPS media contact in Denver.
He said the delays are partly being caused by more than 600 mailbox locks being changed. It means people without new keys have to come pick up their mail in person. He added the lines should not be this long.
"The fact that there's no restrooms, I think that's inhumane treatment," said Janee Powers. "There are people here that probably have back issues, knee issues. There should be seating available."
Customers said employees weren't being very helpful.
"She was really kind of rude actually," said Mike Gawlik. "She said, 'Well that's how we have it. People there and people there and that's it.' Then she brushed me away."
The USPS spokesperson said more staffing would get sent in to help with the backup, and that the process of changing mailbox locks should be finished on Friday.