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UPDATE: Frontier apologizes for issues but many passengers still stuck

Posted at 6:01 AM, Dec 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-22 02:51:50-05
DEC. 21 UPDATE: Frontier Airlines is telling passengers sorry about canceled flights the past several days. But travelers 13 Action News spoke to say that apology is too little, too late.
"Kind of makes me not want to fly no more," says Arthur Bellmon, a stranded passenger. "Now, if I ever fly again, I will not use Frontier."
Bellmon and his wife have been stuck in Las Vegas since Monday.
"We came up here early for the flight and they didn't tell us it was canceled, so we sat here past midnight, up until 8 a.m."
The Bellmons are just two of hundreds of Frontier passengers stuck in the valley. A double whammy of winter storms in the Midwest and in Frontier's Denver hub over the weekend forced the airline to cancel hundreds of flights nationwide.
"Kind of feel helpless a little bit out here 'cause you can't do anything," Bellmon says.
Travel-weary passengers, many having nowhere else to go, resorted to sleeping in their chairs, even on floors.
Rachel Garadin drove three hours from Tonopah with her baby Kennedy.
"Just carrying her around, stop and feed her, stop and change her, so it's very stressful," she says. 
Garardin’s flight was supposed to leave a day and a half ago.
"It would've been convenient if they would've told me ahead of time before I even left," she says. "I just would like to get to my family and spend time with them."
The Bellmons got booked on a flight for Wednesday evening and not a moment too soon. Their kids are waiting for them back at home in St. Louis.
"It's hard to be away from your kids, not being able to be there, to know what's going on," Bellmon says.
Some passengers say the flight cancellations forced them to pay for extra nights in hotels. They complain Frontier did not reimburse them.
A Frontier spokesman says they’re not required to give customers hotel vouchers for cancellations that are out of the airline’s control.
But the airline says it will reimburse stranded passengers who book with other airlines and give them a $200 voucher for future flights. If your flight has been canceled, you can request a refund here.
The airline admits it should've pre-canceled more flights ahead of the storm.
DEC. 20 UPDATE: Frontier says that they will reimburse stranded passengers who book their flights home with other airlines, and provide an additional $200 voucher for future Frontier flights.
The airline also says that 60 percent of the bags held up in Denver have been returned to their owners.
DEC. 19 UPDATE: Passengers at McCarran Airport are still stranded Monday after Frontier Airlines delayed and canceled hundreds of flights.  
A Frontier Airlines representative told passengers they could be stuck until Thursday. 
"It's a holiday week, it's a work week, and we're stranded," said Harry Murphy, one stranded passenger. 
Frontier Airlines sent out a tweet, blaming the cancelations and delays on Winter Storm Decima, and even told some passengers that crews had maxed out on the legal amount of time they're allowed to be in the air because of the storm.
However, some passengers weren't buying that the problems were weather-related, since other airlines were back in the air. Some even blamed a pilot union strike for the delays and cancelations.
"They said there's a problem with the pilots walking away," says Samiah Walker, a stranded passenger.   
If your flight has been canceled, you can request a refund here
LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- Ayana and her mom Sena Torrence are among hundreds of Frontier passengers headed to St. Louis, now stranded at McCarran Airport.
"We have been here since 8 p.m. [Saturday] night," said Ayana.
Their flight is one of almost 200 hundred flights canceled nationwide due to inclement weather. Frontier says that they will refund passengers for the cost of the tickets.
Ayana said it was either getting a refund or waiting until Thursday for the next flight.
Sena Torrence received a kidney transplant eight months ago
"I came on vacation for three days with only enough medication for my stay," she said. "With the delays, I haven't been able to take my medicine today... If  I don't take it, my kidney can reject me, and then I will be back on dialysis."
Something she is desperately trying to avoid. And that's why she just wants to get home to St. Louis.