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From Costco to the Raiders HQ: A look at the construction boom in Henderson

Posted at 7:03 AM, Jan 15, 2019

HENDERSON, KTNV — The excitement just keeps building! We were there as the soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders broke ground on their brand new headquarters.

It's over in Henderson and it's looking to make a big economic impact for that area of town.

The Raiders headquarters alone will bring 250 non-player jobs. Plus, the stretch of St. Rose Parkway near the headquarters and the Henderson Executive Airport will soon see more restaurants, apartment complexes, even gas stations. Though it's hard to put solid numbers on it yet, all these will definitely create more jobs and bring money into the city.

Norance Tucker of Henderson is originally from Oakland, California, "Yes I am. But I still think it's a good thing that the raiders are coming here."

The headquarters is just part of the building boom in Henderson.

New homes and businesses - a Costco just opened nearby, a Google data center is in the works and in 2020, 'The Village' along St. Rose near Spencer street will open featuring a mix of restaurants, shops and medical offices.

Mom of two, Ebony Mosley says, "It'll be good for me and my kids you know, go shopping and do more stuff."

For those who live in Henderson, development also means higher property values.

So why Henderson? Scott Muelrath of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce says, well, why not?

"We're strategically positioned from a transportation standpoint. We have a strong local government that work well with the private sector and the HCC."

The city tells me, in the next 10 years, they're expecting 30,000 more people in west Henderson.

This will lead to growing pains -- increased traffic in the area. More crowds, and tougher times to get around. But as neighbors like Don Clark say, "Expansion I think is always good. It brings life into the city and we're excited about the different developments that are coming along."

When you think about it, these new developments will bring in more tax revenues and that money goes into public works, public safety, roadways, to benefit people who live there.