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Friends help local man whose relatives died in Philippines car crash

Posted at 1:18 PM, Aug 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-01 09:34:11-04
People at a local hospital are coming together to help out a coworker going through heartbreaking tragedy.
Members of a heart team at St. Rose Dominican San Martin Campus perform open heart surgery together so they spend a lot of time with each other. They say one of their own is going through unbearable pain.
Their coworker, Darin Agan, is from the Philippines and vacations there every year with his family. Just days ago his son and daughter-in-law died in a car crash.
The couple leaves behind two young children.
Agan's coworkers are hurting right along with him; he's like family to them.
"I can tell he's going through a lot of painful things. He keeps saying to me 'I just want to come home Angela,'" said Angela Rose, one of Agan's coworkers.
Agan's friends have set up a GoFundMe to collect donations for funeral, medical and travel costs.
"We're like family and so that's why we did it. We may not all agree on all the stuff all the time, but here at work we think of each other as family," said Jeff Williams, another friend and coworker.