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Friends, family surprise 1 October survivor with a special dinner

Posted at 11:41 PM, Jan 08, 2019

CALIFORNIA (KTNV) — A 1 October survivor is a beloved teacher in California, and she received a special surprise from her friends, family, and students.

The moment was captured on camera thanks to a media company dude. be nice.

Autumn Bignami has made a big difference during her time as a teacher, according to her students, but her life changed in an instant when she was injured.

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Bignami had ten surgeries since the shooting. However, she has kept a positive attitude throughout the ordeal.

“I'm still battling every day. There's one of two ways to go with this. You do it, and you're stronger because of it. Or you don't do it. So, for me not doing it is not really an option, “ Bignami said.

Since the shooting, Autumn and her family haven't been able to have a sit down dinner.

So, recently a group of her friends, as well as current and former students, surprised her at dinner.

The group says Autumn has been an inspiration.