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Fmr. RTC commissioner speaks out on bus shelters

Posted at 7:19 PM, Jan 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-11 22:23:44-05
Days after a horrific RTC bus crash on Tropicana, we now know the identity of the woman who was killed.
Monday afternoon the Clark County Coroner said she was 39-year-old Jooyoung Do, residence unknown.
Meanwhile, the RTC remains tight-lipped about the wreck but a former RTC commissioner is speaking out about how he thinks their inaction lead to the woman's death.
Early Saturday morning, a bus full of people drove up onto the sidewalk and hit the bus shelter.
The woman inside was killed. Bus riders are left wondering how it happened.
"Even when I was walking last night the bus came by I was like, definitely, definitely freaked out," said Suzanne Sylvia.
The RTC said they had nothing to add after their release this weekend.
The reason behind the fatality is clear to former RTC Commissioner Steve Miller, and he said it is the bus shelters.
"I would tell people don't sit in them, they're unsafe, they're death traps," said Miller.
Miller was on the RTC Commission when they put up the shelters.
"I thought it was a great idea," he said. "I had no idea what was going to happen over the next thirty years."
He counts nearly 40 deaths since 1990 that he said would have been prevented by fixing these shelters.
Several years ago, multiple people were injured and several more died when a drunk driver crashed into a shelter on Spring Mountain.
He says they need to put them further from the road, elevate the curbs, and take the backs off the shelters so people are not trapped.