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Former president campaigns for Hillary

Posted at 11:44 PM, Jan 21, 2016

Bill Clinton made a quick campaign stop in Las Vegas to raise support for Hillary's run at the White House.

The 42nd president spent a little under an hour on stage at the Advanced Technologies Academy, touting his wife's record as a Senator and as Secretary of State.



Clinton told the crowd 2016 will be an important politiacl year, because the winner of the election will help set the course for the Supreme Court for years to come.



The 42nd president didn't address any of the Republican candidates directly, but did condemn attacks against Hillary of the past year.

Clinton spent a lot of the speech trying to help separate Hillary Clinton from Bernie Sanders when it comes to policy.

"Make college affordable for everyone and pay the tuition for middle class and working class people.  She does not agree that tuition should be free for everyone.  People like Hillary and me can afford for our kids to go to college.  The government can only do so much.  We've got to put people back to work," Clinton said.

The former president is continuing to stump for Hillary Clinton Friday with a scheduled stop in Reno.

"This is to put it mildly an interesting political year," Clinton said.