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Former brothel worker recounts VIP perks

Posted at 3:35 PM, Oct 16, 2015
A former brothel worker is shedding light on what happens during a stay at the ranch where Lamar Odom was found unconscious Tuesday.
"It was expensive. It was like a high roller suite," Vanessa said.
That is the name she was known as while working at two of Dennis Hof’s ranches.
Vanessa says the house at the center of the Lamar Odom saga was built during that time.
She says on the ranch more money meant bigger perks.
The menu even ends with “anything you don't see on the menu?  Just ask.”
"If they booked a certain amount money they also got a free bottle of champagne," Vanessa said.
The former Love Ranch worker says unless you were the owner's personal friend, you couldn't get access to the house for less than $10,000 a night.
"That is for an overnight, weekend kind of thing,” Vanessa said. “Friends in town."
The former worker says Hof was all about customer service.
"We had a meeting and he sat us down and said we are going to also help our customers a little more, and we got an over the counter Viagra from the local clinics," Vanessa said.
Those types of sexual enhancement pills now at the center of the investigation,
"They are saying he has probably taken ten over a three day period of time," A caller told the 911 dispatcher.
The reload pill was the subject of an FDA warning.
The agency said a hidden ingredient could lower blood pressure to dangerous levels and have potentially deadly interactions with certain prescription drugs.
"Somebody just came up to me and said he apparently had some cocaine on him that he finished--he did this on Saturday,” The caller told dispatchers.
Hof maintains the cocaine was used before Odom arrived at the ranch.
Vanessa says Hof enforced the no drug policy.
She says normal clients were checked on at the end of their party, which were usually an hour.
The former worker said the house where Odom was staying on the other hand was meant for longer parties.
"He might have just wanted his privacy out there and was probably left unattended for a while," Vanessa said.
Investigators are still waiting for blood tests to come back to determine what, if any, drugs were in Odom’s system.