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UPDATE: Clark County School District releases statement on student meal charges

Posted at 11:28 PM, Aug 15, 2017
UPDATE AUG. 16: The Clark County School District released a statement Wednesday regarding meal charges:

We understand that children cannot learn when they are hungry. That's why we have worked with schools to create procedures to make sure students have access to lunches when they don't have money in their account or on hand to cover the cost of the meal.

Elementary schools serve students automatically, even when students don't have funds available, and schools let parents know when students have accrued funds that need to be repaid.

Students at the middle and high school level are encouraged to contact any adult on campus - teachers, deans, principals, counselors, etc - to let them know when they need a meal. Employees will work with students to make sure they are fed. Decision-making on how to pay back those funds are made at the school site.

We also work with families to encourage them to apply for free and reduced meals if necessary.

These procedures have been in place since 2008 and were most recenty sent to families in May 2017.

Payment for meal charges can be made online using a debit/credit card on myschoolbucks.com. Cash or check payments can be made in the school cafeteria or a check can be mailed to the CCSD Food Service Department at 6350 E. Tropical Pkwy., Las Vegas, NV 89115.

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- If you are sending your children to school, make sure they have money in their account or they might not get lunch.
A Las Vegas mother is trying to get the word out after reading over a revised rule sent home with her two daughters on the first day of classes in the Clark County School District.
The “Meal Charge Procedure” outline says “There will be no meal charges allowed at the Middle and High School levels.”
Stacie Armentrout says her daughter works in the cafeteria at her middle school and had to turn kids away without food because of the rules.
"I think, at least give them something.  A sandwich, maybe a pretzel, some veggie sticks, something to keep them from going all day without food," Armemtrout said.  "I just don't think any child should go hungry, not in this day and age."
The rules show they were revised on May 31, 2017.
They also say elementary school students are always allowed to get lunch no matter how much they owe.
But starting at middle school, if they don't have money, they can't get food.
Armentrout says she fears her daughters forgetting their lunch. 
"It does happen, you lose track or they forget their lunch and you are already at work for the day," Armentrout said.
The rules allow principals to pay for the meals for their students, at their discretion, but say the principals have to pay off that account each month.
A district spokesperson said nobody from the Food Service Department was available for an interview Tuesday afternoon.
13 Action News plans to follow up to get more information on the policy and what parents can do to make sure their kids have access to lunch.