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Las Vegas restaurant doubles reservations from last Thanksgiving

Posted at 7:45 PM, Nov 25, 2021

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — As millions of Americans travel around the country for the Thanksgiving holiday, many have sat down for their big dinner. While families were ready to dig in and eat, many may have not been quite ready to cook.

At the French bistro Marche Bacchus, they said they have had double the number of reservations this year compared to last.

Some of the customers said the choice to go out this year was made easier for several reasons. Chief among them: there is no cleanup and they are just tired of being cooped up inside all of the time.

“I don’t mind the cooking part,” said Bruce Bloch, a customer having his ‘Friendsgiving’ at Marche Bacchus. “I don’t like cleaning up after myself. So, I’d much rather go out and let somebody else clean up after me.”

“We’ve noticed a lot of reservations of couples or maybe twos and fours,” said Rhonda Wyatt, the owner of Marche Bacchus. “And a lot of people just don’t feel like doing all of that cooking and cleanup for just two or four people. So, we’re a perfect solution for that.”

Marche Bacchus is located at 2620 Regatta Dr.