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Forever and ever: Couples marry on 'lucky date' 8-18-18

Posted at 5:50 PM, Aug 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-20 13:51:31-04

Couples are saying "I do" today. It's because 8-18-18 is the most popular wedding date of the year.

At the Chapel of the Flowers alone, 74 couples tied the knot on Saturday.

Sarah and Steven Montoya were just one of thousands of couples across the country who exchanged vows.

Steven Montoya: It was love at first sight, I guess you could say.
Sarah Montoya: We were like the same soul. 
Steven Montoya: Yeah like everything just meshed really well together. 

Why 8-18-18? It's a lucky number. The number 8 symbolizes infinity. It's also a palindrome -- a sequence of numbers that reads the same forward and backward.

Nicole Robertson, director of operations for the chapel says, "The couples are here making promises to each other for infinite love and it's just a wonderful and really special feeling."

It was a very busy day at the chapel with at least three couples getting married at the same time every 30 minutes.

The service was complete with a limousine service and professional photography to capture the special moment.

"It was fun, seeing the dresses and the color schemes and the bridal parties and families coming together that maybe haven't seen each other for years," says Robertson.

These couples say tying the knot at 8-18-18 is not just a symbolic act, promising they will work together to make their vows last forever -- infinite like the number 8.

Steven Montoya: Forever and ever... that's why today was the day cause 8s never end!