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Fish left to thaw outside Las Vegas restaurant

Posted at 11:55 PM, Jun 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-30 02:55:19-04
Nearly a half dozen fish were left on a hanging rack in the loading dock area behind a Las Vegas restaurant, prompting concern from those who work nearby.
"This has been the second time within a week that fish have been there," Gorman Millerd said. "Everybody takes their trash out this way, so it shouldn't be food sitting there."
After checking out the problem, 13 Action News went inside Golden China at Craig Road and Rancho Drive to get answers.
When first asked about the fish, a woman sitting at the table didn’t respond and instead went to pull the rack inside.
She then removed the fish and placed them in a plastic bag.
The bag then went in the freezer.
A man then approached alongside the woman.
When we continued asking why they fish was left outside.
"It's not for customers,” a young translator for the pair said. “It is just for us."
They then pointed out they don't have fish on the menu, reiterating they were just cooking it for themselves.
Golden China has an "A" rating hanging on the wall from a March 2nd inspection.
Records of that inspection online show several of those demerits were for food not being protected from potential contamination.
Those same records show just two weeks earlier the restaurant got a “B” grade with 15 demerits.
Millerd said he has reported the issue to the health inspectors.