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First responders shot at, father speaks out

Posted at 7:35 PM, Apr 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-29 23:09:21-04
UPDATE: Call it a parent's intuition. 
The news story: Rescue workers caught up in a drive-by shooting. As 13 action has reported, they were helping someone who'd passed out. 
One of Ken McFate's sons who's a Clark County fire fighter was inside the house on Sequoia Avenue Sunday. 
Ken's son didn't want to scare his family he told him the next day what had happened. 
But worrying is what parents of first responders do. Ken knows the risk his son faces every day.
And while he can't stop him from performing his civic duties, he offers him this fatherly advice. 
"I just told him... he's in my prayers always and that he's protected," he says.
And for added protection Ken says he recites the fireman's prayer for all those serve. He even engraves these prayer boxes for CCFD members. It features an etching of a patron saint for firefighters on the side. 
LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- It's a parent's worst fear, knowing their child is in danger but there's nothing they can do.
It became a reality for Ken McFate late Sunday.
"I kind of had a feeling when it happened that there was something going on," he told 13 Action News.
Investigators with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are still investigating this as a drive-by shooting, one that appears to be gang related.
McFate's son was inside the house helping someone suffering from a medical episode when the gunfire started. He says his son didn't tell his family what happened until the next day.
"He did say, "We're okay dad. We have best backup. We can wear bulletproof vests if we need to.' That made me feel a little better," he said.
The person responsible for the drive-by shooting has not been arrested. Police continue to investigate.
Police say no one was hit in the drive-by.