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First responders prepared for America's Party

Posted at 11:52 PM, Dec 30, 2015
First responders say they are doing everything possible to make sure America’s Party is safe as 300,00 people ring in the new year in Las Vegas.
Wednesday, The Strip was packed with cars like normal, but in just 24 hours those cars will be gone.
They’ll replaced by hundreds of thousands of tourists ready to ring in 2016.
A large crowd will also be under the canopy at Fremont Street.
The job of protecting all of the revelers falls to Las Vegas police and firefighters.
"We will have upward of 100 personnel, both in a support function and operationally, like I said on and around the Strip," Clark County Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Buchanan said.
Clark County Fire will have two extra engines and 10 ambulances staged near The Strip.
That is in addition to the stations that normally serve the strip corridor and private ambulances that will be in the area to assist with the crowd of 300,000 people.
"Tight spaces, getting in equipment, moving in and around crowds, those are really, really difficult," Buchanan said.
Crews say most of the calls are medical, but they will be working closely with metro to assist with any other problems.
The Nevada National Guard is pitching in to help provide extra boots on the ground at McCarran International Airport to protect all the New Years’ travelers.
"A majority of Metro is actively engaged in supporting the party and everyday law enforcement, so we are just here to offer a little extra support," Captain Sebastian Balint, commander of the 72nd Military Police Company, said. 
Road closures around the Las Vegas Strip are set to begin around 5:45 p.m. Thursday.