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Fire stations to get makeover with new program

Posted at 7:14 PM, Apr 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-21 22:14:49-04

The city of Henderson is expanding their alternative sentencing program, and it could save tax-payers thousands of dollars.  

The program provides landscaping and maintenance around the city, including assisting with code enforcement, maintaining city trails, removing graffiti, and grooming Henderson fire stations.  

Starting this week, fire station grounds will be maintained through the efforts of those working off fines and court-ordered community service hours.  

The city of Henderson's Alternative Sentencing Department's Work Program has taken over weekly landscaping duties around the city's fire station, freeing up city workers to focus on other projects.  

"We make sure we concentrate on areas of importance in the city in an effort to reduce overall spending for the city of Henderson residents," says Ian Massy, the chief of the Alternative Sentencing Department.  

That means less taxes for Henderson residents, and less money coming out of the city's pockets for maintenance. 

The projects through the program have offset city expenses and enabled city employees to concentrate on other priorities.  

Last year, the program saved the city more than $150,000 by reducing the amount of contracted work that would have otherwise been outsourced.  

It also means more opportunity for people involved in the program to get back on their feet.  

Participants are mainly those with misdemeanors or traffic violations, and work off fines at a rate of $10 per hour and are supervised while out in the community.  

"Defendants sentenced to the work program are giving back in ways that have a positive impact on the community through their service," says Massy.  

"It helps out a lot in your career in the long run," says one participant, Daniel Arriol. "You learn something new everyday here." 

The program will rotate to make sure they hit all nine fire stations in Henderson.