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Neighbors blame squatters for house fire

Posted at 5:33 AM, May 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-30 15:27:39-04
An overnight fire destroyed an abandoned home near Tropicana Avenue and Torrey Pines Drive on Monday.
When fire crews got to the scene, they found the home already boarded up, but there was furniture inside, and the utilities were turned on.  
Neighbors say the home had been foreclosed, and squatters had been living in the building.

"If it was a family, that was just looking to pass the hard times, and they laid low and were quiet, then I never would have had an issue with it," says one neighbor, Casenia Chumakoba, who was concerned about the squatters living next to her home.  
Reports say the fire started around midnight.
No one was hurt by the flames.
Fire crews are still investigating to find out how the fire started.