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Are you living among dangerous levels of radon?

Posted at 11:32 PM, Feb 08, 2017
A dangerous and deadly gas could be seeping into your home and you don't even know. The state is trying to educate Nevadans about the dangers of radon.
It is an invisible radioactive gas that can't be seen and has no smell. It won't even give you symptoms, but what makes it so dangerous is it causes lung cancer.
"There's not a villain," said Radon Education Coordinator Nadia Noel. "You can't blame anyone for radon."
Noel works to educate people about radon risks.
"There's states in the east where everybody knows about radon," she said. "Everyone has tested or fixed their home if they had to."
But in Nevada, specifically Clark County, people are not as informed.
Noel wants people to take advantage of ordering a free radon testing kit.
You can call 1-888-723-6610 or visit 8050 Paradise Road to get one. Instructions are included on how to properly do your test.
If your results come back with a number higher than four, you need to take action and have a radon expert come to your home.
The highest reported in Nevada is 195. The highest in Clark County is 66.