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Fenced off playground in Spring Valley to get repaired after two fires in 2016

Posted at 9:25 PM, Jun 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-27 00:52:17-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Parents say their kids are forced to play in the small children playground at the Spring Valley Community Park because the one for older kids is still fenced out—it's been off limits since 2016 due to two fires in one month.

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Diego and Conner are six years old and they call the fenced out playground the “big kids” play area.

They tell 13 Action News they would much rather be there.

"Because it's fun and cool," says Diego.

“[The other one is] too small,” says Conner.

Tammy Quinones, Diego’s mother, couldn't agree more.

"You get older kids that are six and other that are a little bit too small for them to play on. You get more babies, four and under on that one," says Quinones.

A lot of parents still can’t believe the playground was shut down in December of 2016 after two fires.

Parents back then claimed the fires were caused by homeless people.

13 Action News reached out to Clark County in regard to that claim but they did not confirm that.

Years later, it’s safe to ask, when will it open?

"It's sad that it's still down and we we're wondering why?" says Jasmine Monreal, Conner's mother. She also says Spring Valley Community Park was their go-to park.

"If it was open we'd come a lot more," says Monreal.

Clark County said in a tweet the playground will be fixed by next year.

"Anyone that's under 21 years old, parks are very [much] a necessity here. Especially if you have younger ones," says Quinones.

Clark County also told 13 Action News repairs will cost about $320,000.

Until the playground gets a makeover, the splash pad will be the “big kids” playground.