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Fans React to Faze Clan, AMP scrimmage at NFL Draft Experience with Michael Vick and Matt Hasselbeck

Posted at 7:16 PM, Apr 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-30 09:24:07-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The NFL Draft Fan Experience started with a special appearance from former quarterbacks Michael Vick and Matt Hassleback.

It was a unique event that brought together the gaming and sports worlds.

FaZe Rug announced this year's draft pick for the Los Angeles Chargers in the collaboration with the NFL.

The two teams went head-to-head during a flag-football match.

Team "FaZe Clan" was led by Matt Hasslebeck taking on Team "AMP" (Any Means Possible) led by former footballer, Michael Vick. Both FaZe Clan and AMP are creative houses for content, taking over the internet by storm with sports, culture, entertainment and more.

AMP won the Friday's game 36 to 32 against the FaZe clan, giving Michael Vick a win as Quarterback and AMP their second win.

When two worlds collide, amazing things can happen.

That's the story here the NFL Draft Fan Experience, where the NFL combined sports with gaming featuring, FaZe and the AMP. We caught up with a few local influencers who were happy to see the NFL catering to content creators like themselves.

Matthew Jackson, known as "King Kryptix", said, "It's been really cool, we grew up watching FaZe Clan, we've grown up watching NFL, Michael Vick, Matt Hasslebeck, it's dope to see two worlds collide. It's something you never thought you would have seen happen, gaming and sports, it's a great combo".

Edward Scott, who goes by "Mizzly" says he's blown away by the Faze Clan and NFL collaboration. He say's for content creators like himself, the sky is the limit for FaZe and other creative houses. "Mizzly" works for FaZe as a videographer as is happy to be apart of the organization.

"With Faze becoming a whole lifestyle with starting only on Call of Duty, and then Fortnite blew it up, and now it's like NFL, and Nascar, like they had that whole collaboration going too. So, it was like soon there's going to be racecar drivers, wrestlers, football players in FaZe, it's going to be insane," said Mizzly.

The group of guys we caught up with are Las Vegas locals who have found their niche in gaming and content creation. For these young men, seeing Gamers and Influencers represented in this way is nothing less than inspirational.

"Seeing them do what they do inspired all of us to really just go out there and pursue our dreams and pursue our passions. Everybody that is on that field right now had a story and had to work hard to get to where they are, and now they're here (at the NFL Draft)", said Anthony Mercaldi, who is better known as "Mercanthony".

FaZe Clan has claimed their stake in gaming, sports, culture and entertainment.

According to their website, Faze Clan says they have truly "changed the way the next generation consumes content".

Gamer and Influencer Hunter Schlaybach aka "Schlayer" says, "The place is sick, NFL, FaZe, it's kind of crazy how it even became a thing, because we're just like them. At the start, just playing video games, having fun, and experiencing life. So we're making the best of it, having fun making content."

The NFL made sure there is was a little something for everyone at the fan experience.

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