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Fatigued from campaign hostilities, voters log off social media

Posted at 11:46 PM, Nov 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-11 02:56:45-05
Are you tired of all the political talk on social media? You’re not the only one.
A lot of folks are logging out of Facebook, Twitter and other sites because they’re growing weary of family and friends venting their frustrations online.
For Ana Curbelo, people’s posts are getting so toxic on social media after a bruising and divisive presidential campaign that she is taking a Facebook timeout.
“I don’t even look,” said Curbelo, a mom who was watching her young son’s soccer practice. “I’m just done with Facebook and the political stuff and Twitter and all that.”
“I am super tired it,” said Terrelle Chandler, a mom, who said language on posts is growing downright hostile. “Sometimes it comes off as sarcastic, kind of insulting.”
Jessica Markowitz said she has seen friends fight online and family members freeze each other out.
“Blocking each other, seeing my own family members stop ‘friending’ each other. And not communicating anymore,” Markowitz said.
“I just feel like too many people are taking like a personal thing,” said Emily Gurlides, who would much rather watch her son play soccer.
Putting politics on Facebook is too much like playing social media roulette.
“Everybody should have their own opinion and they should keep it to themselves," she said.