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Father claims woman picked up his child from Logandale school without permission

Posted at 7:14 PM, Aug 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-22 22:32:37-04

A father is worried for his son's safety after he claims a former nanny who'd been fired picked him up from a Logandale school Monday without permission.

Howard Barrows sends his son, Joey, to Grant Bowler Elementary School in Logandale. Joey has autism, so every day the bus picks him up and drops him off right in front of his home. 

On Monday, though, the bus never came. 

After 30 minutes of worrying for his safety, Joey showed up. 

"The ex-nanny pulled up beside the house, dropped him off, and sped away," Barrows said. 

The family was outraged because they had cut ties with the nanny. 13 Action News spoke with her and she declined to be interviewed for this story. 

Barrows believes the nanny picked up his son because she missed him. However, Barrows said he made it clear to the school that she was no longer allowed to contact his son. 

"It made me feel like there was a more important agenda for the faculty to follow than the fact that my son had just been abducted from school," he said. 

CCSD issued the following statement:

CCSD cannot comment on individual students due to privacy laws. However, Grant Bowler Elementary School follows CCSD procedures insofar as people picking up children from school. If a person comes to the office to pick up a child and is not listed on Infinite Campus as being authorized to do so, they will not be allowed to pick up that child.
In this particular case, the principal was not immediately available to meet with the parent, but Assistant Principal Vanessa Solis did speak with him.