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Father and daughter celebrate surviving cancer after being diagnosed within days of each other

Posted at 10:09 PM, Apr 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-26 14:43:01-04

A father and daughter learn of their cancer diagnoses within days of each other, but now they are celebrating being in remission. 

In a video we see Ashlie and James Randolph doing a little jig and clutching branches from a survivor tree after being recognized by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America for being five years cancer-free.

"It was emotional. I held it in as best as I could," said James. "But it was emotional because it was special, extra special because I got a chance to share it with her."

But five years ago they both dealt with much different emotions.

"I was less than a month away from turning 28," said Ashlie. "And every worst-case scenario that anyone would go through when they hear that they have cancer I went through in maybe 90 seconds."

Ashlie's thyroid cancer diagnosis came first and within days James learned he had kidney and prostate cancer. His parental instincts immediately kicked in.

"My primary concern was her instead of me," James said.

As they underwent treatment, they discovered not only were they able to support and comfort one another,

"Looking at it now I know that it was set up that way for a reason," said Ashlie.

They could help heal each other by focusing on what's most important. 

"My diagnosis was really and truly a gift because it forced me to focus on things that really made me happy and getting rid of things that stressed me out," she said. 

"We both went through it together," James said.