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UPDATE: Driver in custody for May fatal hit-and-run crash

Posted at 11:40 PM, Sep 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-07 22:48:01-04
UPDATE: The Clark County Detention Center inmate roster shows that Qaadir Isaam Amin was arrested Oct. 6 and is being held on $1 million bail.
Clay Stampley's family has waited 5 months for Amin's arrest after Stampley was killed in a hit-and-run crash May 7. 
"We feel a little bit of peace knowing that he is in custody," said Stampley's daughter Jasmine. 
"I cry almost every night. The only thing we really have of our dad are these T-shirts, memories and ashes," said Stampley's other daughter Temika. 
According to an affidavit filed by North Las Vegas Police, Amin had a warrant out for his arrest Sept. 13. Investigators said they have watched Amin since the crash and were able to monitor much of his movement through Facebook. 
In the affidavit investigators said Amin had posted a picture of himself on Facebook just two days after the crash saying he had been in a "bad wreck."
"He's really been taunting us and it's been a slap in our face," said Stampley's cousin, Veronica Dillard. 
According to investigators, Stampley's family even exchanged text messages with Amin's wife. In one text she writes in part, "Everyone is trying to make him a monster...let me ask you this have you ever ran a red light?"
In September, Stampley's family said they noticed Amin posted a picture of himself on a cruise in the Bahamas. 
"He treated this like a game, as pity, he didn't care and that's a monster," Jasmine said. 
Amin is facing three charges on driving with a suspended license, basic speeding and hit-and-run.
NORTH LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- It's been four months since 55-year-old Clay Stampley was killed in a hit-and-run crash at a North Las Vegas intersection. Stampley's killer is still on the loose and Stampley's family believes the suspect left the country.
North Las Vegas Police say Stampley was killed in an early morning hit-and-run crash May 7 near Cheyenne Avenue and Simmons Street. Police say the suspect vehicle ran a red light before crashing into Stampley's truck, killing him instantly.
Since the crash, Stampley's family has been put through the ringer.
Soon after the crash, North Las Vegas police released a picture of the suspect, Qaadir Isaam Amin II, saying it was a selfie he posted on Facebook showing off his injuries from the crash.
Then, Stampley's family noticed his crash scene memorial had been destroyed. Candles were smashed and glass was everywhere.
The family also was in a social media war with the suspect's family. 
Now, Facebook shows the suspect may have left the country.
"These people are out celebrating and enjoying life while we are still dealing with a lost one," said Stampley's cousin Veronica Dillard. "So it's really heart breaking for us to see those kinds of things."
Dillard has been monitoring the suspect's Facebook page ever since the fatal crash. She noticed Isaam Amin II deactivated his page after his selfie displaying his injuries made it onto the news. She then noticed the Facebook page was reactivated at the end of July. Now, a picture posted by Isaam Amin II shows he might be in the Bahamas.
"I guess they have no worries in their life," said Stampley's son, Clay Stampley Jr. "They can kill people and not lose no sleep or anything."
13 Action News brought this to the attention of North Las Vegas police. They asked us to send them screen shots of the Facebook page so they could look into it further. They also told us the case is still a top priority.
Stampley's son and cousin want justice and closure.
"Whenever he touches down, have police waiting on him to arrest him and whoever else is joining him cause they look like they're having a lot of fun while we are still looking for closure," said Dillard.