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Famous faces Crank the Siren, rally VGK fans

Posted at 6:35 PM, Oct 09, 2021

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — If you’ve ever been to a Vegas Golden Knights game, there’s a deafening sound that alerts seconds before the puck drops, and fans go wild.

At the top of the Fortress, right in front of the castle, Mark Shunock, VGK’s In-Arena Host, aka Official Hype Guy, gets the crowd going wild with the help of a guest to Crank the Siren.

“It’s loud,” Shunock said. “It’s just loud, and we’ll be like, ‘Vegas! Are you ready? Let’s go!’ and I’m with whoever and we crank that siren and the place explodes, and then the game starts.”

The tradition started in the Golden Knights’ birth season. The entertainment director at the time, Jonny Greco, introduced it to Las Vegas.

“If you go back to the raid siren, that’s really what it is. Like, ‘Hey, get underground. We’re about to be attacked!' or something,” Shunock said. “So I think if you take that play, it’s; we’re going to war here. We’re about to start a battle. Let’s get goin’.”

Guests invited to crank the siren range from celebrities to season ticket members to Channel 13 News Anchors. Some famous faces to crank it include country music star Shania Twain, UFC fighter Chuck Liddell, and several Las Vegas Raiders.

Shunock, the Canadian hype man, does have his favorite.

“Having Michael J. Fox in attendance to do our siren was probably the highlight of my siren days.”

Season ticket members can request to crank the siren ahead of a game through their ticket manager.