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Family with ties to Las Vegas loses home, business to wildfire

Posted at 6:14 PM, Dec 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-15 21:24:15-05

A California family with ties to Las Vegas lost their home and business because of the wildfires.

They are asking for your help.

Mikki Willis: I'm standing in front of a blazing flame here which once was our 3 story home.

The Willis family escaped the raging California wildfires last week.

Their home had been burned to the ground.

The Willis' three story house in Ojai, California is the headquarters of their production company, Elevate.

It's also a shared home with four other families and employees.

Mikki Willis: Our whole team went into action of rescuing our drives. Our hard drives that contain our clients' valuable material on them. By the time we got the hard drives we only had time to get out.

The Willis' relatives here in Las Vegas have been worried sick.

Ricky Magno, uncle of Nadia Willis says, "That's one of the problems, with our relatives of course, we live in the distance."

Now they're focused on raising money to get their family and their business back on its feet.

They may only be left with the clothes on their back but with their friends and the community's help, they can still stay positive.

Mikki Willis: there have been a lot of tears but 95% of those tears have been tears of gratitude.

If you want to help the Willis family and their business by donating, click hereto find out how.