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Answers demanded after mother of four murdered

Posted at 11:43 PM, Mar 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-16 08:12:19-04
It's been a week since a mother of four was shot to death and dumped in the street near Smoke Ranch Road and Jones Boulevard.
Family and friends are desperate for answers. They held a vigil Tuesday night, pleading to 13 Action News that someone be arrested for Chante Johnson's murder. 
"She was the prettiest little tomboy you've ever seen," said Johnson's father, Preston Durr. "She was so tiny and tough. She's everything to us. Everything. She is my first born child, daughter."
There was a huge turnout at the vigil in honor of Johnson.
"Her laughing and having us laughing and she always brings joy to the situation so we're going to miss her being around laughing," said Johnson's cousin Shamoya Lacy. "You know, if we're sad, she makes us happy. It's still not real to us so we need some kid of closure."
The family wants closure and they want answers. they would to know who would commit such a heinous crime and why.
"She stayed at home and took care of her kids and for somebody to kill her the way that they did and just throw her body out, they need to be punished for that," said Johnson's sister Christina Johnson.
"All we're asking for is justice," said Johnson's mom Susan Robinson. "Somebody saw something. Somebody please say something."
Neighbors witnessed a dark colored SUV speed away from the scene last Tuesday night after the shooting. No one is in custody for the murder.