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Henderson family starts nonprofit after losing child to cancer

Posted at 11:55 PM, Jan 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-31 09:57:53-05

A Henderson family started a nonprofit foundation after losing their child to cancer and it's gaining momentum in a big way. 

Edith Louviere lost her two-year-old son, Brady, to cancer in February 2017, just one month after he was diagnosed. 

As they grieved, the family started visiting other families of children with cancer around local hospitals.

"Visiting them at the hospitals, at their house, bringing them toys," Louviere said. 

Pretty soon, the acts of kindness blossomed into an official nonprofit organization: Brady's Pit Crew. The family not only brings toys to kids with cancer, but cooks homemade meals for their families. 

"In the hospital, there's times you just don't want hospital food!" laughed Adelina Juarez whose 16-year-old daughter Delilah is battling cancer. "So for her to do that is a great thing." 

Louviere said she worried that a brand new nonprofit might have trouble taking off, but recently the foundation was awarded a $3,000 grant from Microsoft.

"Getting that grant from Microsoft gave me hope that we can do it," Louviere said. 

The money will help them serve even more families in the Las Vegas valley.