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Family speaks out about Strip crash suspect

Posted at 8:07 PM, Dec 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-22 23:07:15-05
Tuesday, her cousin spoke with Action News.
The descriptions Lashay Hardaway gave of her cousin Lakeisha Holloway are so different from the picture that has been painted.
"We love her and we know her, this vibrant, wonderful mother, over-achiever, always want to do the best, look her best, be at her best," said Hardaway.
Police say Holloway drove onto the sidewalk on Las Vegas Boulevard Sunday night sending more than 30 people to the hospital, all while her three-year-old daughter sat in the back seat.
Hardaway said it is completely unlike the parent she knows Holloway to be.
"They have their little like dress up parties and they absolutely adore each other, they adore each other," Hardaway said.
She insisted the wreck was not planned and that her cousin is not a terrorist.
In Holloway's arrest report, she did not tell police why she wound up on the sidewalk, but that she remembered a body bouncing off her windshield and breaking it. Hardaway said her cousin was not homeless and living in her car. She said she had been traveling and had a long drive still ahead--although she would not tell us where Holloway was headed.
The family is struggling to cope with headlines about the woman they loved.
"It wasn't real right away," said Hardaway. "I think right now it's still not real."
She asked us not to share the Facebook pictures of Holloway, but we can tell you she was smiling, happy, well-dressed, doing things with her daughter. Holloway's mom and aunt are in Las Vegas now, but did not want to talk with us.
"I would want people to know that...she's an amazing person," said Hardaway of her cousin.
Her family offering their prayers to the victims, as they cope with a broken image of their loved one.
"It's just hard for everybody right now, so I'm just hoping that everybody has some person that they can lean on for strength," said Hardaway.
There are some questions the family still did not want to answer. They did not want to tell us why Holloway was in Vegas.
They say they are cooperating with detectives but did not want to talk about the case or about her daughter.