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Family: Daughter victim of accused NLV kidnapper

Posted at 11:46 PM, Feb 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-05 12:45:32-05
A valley family is coming forward saying their daughter is one of the victims of Jimmy Carter Kim.
Kim is a North Las Vegas man who's been accused of kidnapping and raping an Arizona teenager and keeping her locked in a room for a month.
The family of the Henderson teenager wants to warn other parents about the dangers of texting apps and online predators.
It got their daughter, and now it tears them apart. 
"She was too educated," the girl's mother said. "She knew better and yet [she] became a victim."
For the dignity of their daughter, the couple won't share the specific details of her sexual assault, allegedly at Kim's hands.
In a separate case, Kim faces 83 felony charges, including dozens of counts of sexual assault against a child under 16.
"[Kim's] utilized social media to hurt people and for every Jim Kim, there's 1,000 others behind him," said the girl's father.
The family says if there's anything to be learned from the tragedy, it's about the dangers of what teens and pre-teens may be doing on their phones.
They compare the use of social media to a trendy drug for teenagers.
"Every family thinks that will never happen to me," the girl's mother said. "No, my kid's too smart. She would never talk to a stranger. But it happened to us."
Kim will have his preliminary hearing in North Las Vegas Justice Court on March 1.