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Family of shooting victim says car wash ripped them off during funeral fundraiser

Posted at 7:59 PM, Sep 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-14 23:05:35-04

A family trying to pay for their teenage son's funeral says they were ripped off.

They told 13 Action News they want to use their experience as a warning for anyone in a similar situation.

19-year-old Javante Stockard was shot and killed earlier this month in what police say was an accidental shooting.

Now, an apparent breakdown in communication has left Stockard's family with less money for his funeral than they expected.

Family members settled on Alamo Hand Car Wash at Decatur Boulevard and Rancho Drive as a place to hold a fundraiser. They believed they would receive half of all the sales during the designated time period.

Marques Strickland, Stockard's brother, says the car wash manager then changed the arrangement to only include people getting their car washed specifically for the fundraiser.

The family received a check for much less than what they thought it would be.

"It didn't even dent the [funeral] bill," said Charonda Mascheri, Stockard's aunt.

The manager of the car wash would only speak to us over the phone, saying they've been doing fundraisers the same way for 11 years now and that the terms were made clear to the Stockard family from the start.

Mascheri says they should've had the agreement written out.

The family knows they'll probably never see the money. They want to give advice to people arranging fundraisers in the future.

"I would tell them get it in writing, recording, the whole thing," Strickland says. "And make sure not just the owner knows but that he's passed the word to his employees as well."