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Family remembers man killed in crash near Jones

Posted at 7:12 PM, Nov 13, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-13 22:12:01-05
The coroner identified the man killed while hanging out of the driver's side of moving vehicle as 21-year-old Rodolfo Vasquez Jr.
It happened on Jones near Highway 95 on Wednesday evening.
A close family friend is speaking out only to Action News about the death.
Friends knew him by his middle name, Xavier, they say he had a tough exterior but  he was good guy who looked out for his friends and loved his family.
"That's one thing Xavier loved, his mom, never ever brought problems home, kept problems to himself, his mom was his love," explained Tanya's friend Vasquez's friend.
According to police,  it all started with a fight between a woman and her ex-boyfriend, identified as Tirone Iperty-Aguirre.
Police say the woman called Vasquez  for help. When Iperty-Aguirre tried to drive off, Vasquez grabbed onto the car which eventually crashed through a wall near Jones and Highway 95, killing Vasquez.
Police say Iperty-aguirre ran off.
Lepe says Vasquez was fiercely loyal, so she can imagine him running to help out a friend in need, it's a lot of the other details that are hard for her to grasp.
"Xavier is not one to look for trouble, like he avoids that stuff. He wouldn't put himself in a situation where he knew he wouldn't be able to get himself out," said Lepe.
According to Lepe, his mother and brothers are just as lost. They are looking for answers and trying to make sense of what happened while dealing with their overwhelming heartbreak.
"He didn't deserve that, the way he did to leave, none of us got to say goodbye, not that we were expecting to say goodbye, but we haven't even seen him either," said Lepe.
Police say they are still investigating and haven't made any arrests.