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Family of Tammy Meyers opens up about new book

Posted at 4:31 AM, Sep 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-30 07:31:10-04
The family of Tammy Meyers is opening up, including Kristal Meyers, who was in the car shortly before her mother was killed.
This comes just after the book, "Road Rage in Las Vegas: the senseless murder of Tammy Meyers" was released and three weeks before her accused killers, Erich Nowsch and Derek Andrews are set to go to trial.
"I'm glad Mark made the book for my mom, i'm glad someone is defending her," said Kristal Meyers of the book authored by Mark Fierro.
In the book, Kristal details the events leading up to her mother's murder.  The 15-year-old said her mom was giving her a driving lesson before the chaos and deadly shooting.
 It was difficult for Kristal to relive those memories but she did it for her mother and she's very happy with the book now that it's been released. 
"It means a lot to me with all the negative comments, it's been really hard to watch her get bombarded with negative comments, so it means a lot to me," explained the teen. 
Kristal said the public and media scrutiny were brutal following her mother's murder.
"We've had a lot of negativity, and when you lose somebody you're not suppose to have a lot of negativity."
Like his daughter, Bob Meyers wanted his wife's story told.  
"Everything that was being said about my wife I knew it to be wrong and there's still controversy out there even with all court dates and confessions and everything.
As for all of that controversy, Bob simply points to Erich Nowsch's confession. 
"Their client said that it was a mistake that night, said that he killed the wrong person, he killed a good mother a good person and everything before that was she was buying drugs she was having a relationship she was going after him, well his confession didn't say that," said Bob Meyers of the confession.
As for why the book was released now, just weeks before the trial of Erich Nowsch and Derek Andrews, Bob said it was set to coincide with his wedding anniversary.
 "Yesterday was my 25th wedding anniversary and I wanted to put it out you know then, you know to my wife, to let her know I love her and I'm not going to let this go down without a fight."
Action News reached out to the District Attorney's office to get their take on the book being release but no one was available for comment.
Nowsch's attorney told Action News he looks forward to reading the book to see which version of the story was used.