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Family of slain Lee's employee speaks out

Posted at 6:55 PM, Apr 20, 2016
UPDATE: The family of the Lee's Discount Liquor employee killed in a violent robbery is thanking the community for the outpouring of love and support.
"Actually thanks is not enough," said Matthew Christensen's mother, Theresa Christensen, tearing up during a press conference at the Excalibur.
Loved one's say they are overwhelmed by all the love and support they've gotten from this community. They say it's made an unbelievably tough time a little easier.
"It's so humbling that this community has come together for us to find justice for my son," said Theresa.
Matthew Christensen was shot and killed during the robbery at Lee's Discount Liquor on Warm Springs and Durango on April 18. 
As Las Vegas police searches for the three robbers, we've been hearing about his bravery during the crime.
A pregnant coworker shared with the family and on Facebook that Matthew didn't tell the robbers she was the manager to keep her and her unborn baby safe.
"It was very brave of what he did to protect her and I'm very proud and honored that my son protected her and her son," said Theresa.
To that manager, the family says, you are not to blame.
"You didn't do anything, you did everything right and we are very honored that you have chosen to give your son our son's name," said Theresa
To the robbers Matthew's brother, Reggie Christensen, had this to say: "Turn yourself in, do yourself a favor. People know who you are. Your faces are all over the news."
There will be a memorial for Matthew Christensen at the Luxor in the Galleria meeting rooms at 7:30 p.m. but the family are asking only those who knew him to come so they can meet his Las Vegas family.
LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- The family of the Lee's Discount Liquor employee killed during a robbery is grateful for a generous donation.
Lee's Discount Liquor set up aGoFundMe account for Matthew Christensen's family and donated $10,000. Family members say they are overwhelmed by the generosity.
"Really we are at a loss for words. We were not expecting that at all. We did speak to the Lees briefly at the vigil and they said they would help in anyway possible but that's really going above and beyond. That's a lot of money," said Reggie Christensen.
It's all money the family plans to use to for the funeral and other expenses. Christensen said most of the family is from out of town and a lot of relatives are heading to Las Vegas to be together. 
Christensen said because of the police investigation they haven't even been able to see his body and get the closure that comes with that. Eventually they are planning to cremate him and have a service. 
Family members said they are comforted by all the love and support they are getting from the community.
"So far we've gotten a tremendous amount of support," said Christensen. "A lot of people came out to the vigil, some people that may not have even known my brother but just heard about the situation, so yeah we've gotten a lot of support from just the public. There's a lot of people that are sharing the posts on social media so we can get theses guys caught."